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Payments to Vendors

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing (EI) is a new feature of our iBuy system, created to streamline the purchase order (PO) invoice submission process. This new automatic process allows the vendor to convert or “flip” the PO into an invoice, resulting in real-time invoice submissions, reduced errors, and timely payments.

How does Electronic Invoicing Work?

Advantages of Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing offers several benefits for both our vendors and the University:

  • “Flipping” the PO into an invoice will bring efficiency and reduce errors 
  • No additional technology or log-in information is needed by the vendor
  • Invoice submission is digital (electronic) and instantaneous – no delays with USPS mail or misdirected emails 
  • Invoice flows directly into iBuy for review
  • All documentation – from requisition to payment – is found in iBuy
  • Virtually touchless processing promotes accurate and timely vendor payments 
  • “Green technology” reduces paper usage and saves money in overhead costs

Knowledge Base

Please click on the Knowledge Base hyperlink to view our vendor job aid, which provides more information on enrollment and a detailed, step-by-step guide on submitting electronic invoices.

Enrollment Form

To enroll in Electronic Invoicing, vendors should complete the University of Illinois Electronic Invoicing Registration form. Once enrollment is completed, University Payables will send a confirmation email to the vendor with a copy of the vendor job aid and further instructions.  

Contact Us

For more information, please contact University Payables at or at 217-333-6583.

Last Updated: September 13, 2022

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