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Routing Via Checklist and Assigning Items

1.     After logging in to iCS, click the Documents icon (if necessary).

2.     Click on the Personal tab (if necessary).

3.     Click the Open Dashboard icon next to the contract, or right-click the contract and select Open Dashboard.

4.     Select the Checklist icon.

5.     Click the Add Checklist link.

6.     Within the Select Checklist window, select the:

  • Checklist Type (Contract)
  • Checklist Category (No selections available; leave blank)
  • Checklist Name (Refer to the Checklist Descriptions job aid)

7.     Click OK.

8.     Select the Assign Item link next to the Item Name you wish to assign.

9.     Click the Select user/role link.

10.  Click the drop-down next to the Show Users textbox (top right); select Show Roles.

         NOTE:  Refer to the Role Descriptions job aid for assistance in selecting the correct role.

11.  Select the correct role.

12.  Complete the Reject to box if you wish to be notified if the contract is to be rejected for any reason at the next step.

13.  Choose a Due Date using the calendar icon.

14.  Check Notify When Complete if you would like to receive a notification from the system when the task has been completed (strongly recommended).

          IMPORTANT:  This must always be done for payable contracts $10,000 or more for filing with the Illinois Comptroller’s Office.

15.  Click Assign.

16.  Click Close.

         NOTE:  When the assigned item in the Checklist has been completed, you will receive an email notification (if you checked the box to be notified, as in Step 14 above).

17.  Within the Personal tab, click the Open Dashboard icon next to the contract or right-click the contract and select Open Dashboard.

18.  Select the Checklist icon.

19.  Repeat steps 8 – 16 for each item to be completed on the Checklist.

         NOTE:  Checklist items are not mandatory as some only apply to certain contracts (e.g. Dean/Director approval is only required for contracts $25,000 or more). Some checklist items are tasks that a Buyer or Coordinator will complete instead of assigning them to another user (e.g. send contract to other party for signature or import signed contract). You do not have to assign these tasks to yourself. You may simply right-click on the task name and select Complete Task (once you have completed the task). Your name and the date will populate the checklist item information and the task will be marked as complete.


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Last Updated:  May 9, 2019

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