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Getting Started

Have you adjusted the default column preferences on your Personal Tab?

See the Adjusting Column Preferences job aid for more information.

How to initiate a contract and which contract initiation method should you use?

Import an existing contract

  • When you receive another party’s contract, or a hard copy of a contract from a user who does not
    have access to iCS.

Create a contract request

  • When you do not have an existing contract and there is no template available for you to use, or
  • When you need to request an amendment.

See the Creating and Importing Documents section in the iCS User Guide, or the related job aids for
more information.

Do you need to quickly access your unit’s in-process contracts?

  • Search for the contract(s) under your Chart-Org that are not in a fully executed status, and
    add them to your Favorites tab.

See the Search and Favorites sections in the iCS User Guide; also see Example 2 in Search job aid
for more information.

Which checklist should you use?

See Appendix C – Checklist Descriptions in the iCS User Guide or Checklist Descriptions job aid for
more information.

Last Updated: May 10, 2019

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