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Grants & Sponsored Projects

Monitoring Expenditures

The University maintains a variety of resources that provide sponsored project-related reports. Contact the unit providing the resource for support.

Best practice is that all sponsored projects accounts are monitored regularly and reconciled on a monthly basis. Corrections to expenditures on sponsored awards should be made promptly - within 90 days of the initial posting. Corrections made after this period require a GC81 - Cost Transfer Justification for Sponsored Projects Form.


OBFS offers training in how to use Banner, Mobius View (formerly View Direct), and EDDIE:
OBFS Training Center

Decision Support offers training on how to use Business Objects:
AITS Services, Reports and Data: Help and Training


Banner is the University's financial system of record. Other reporting systems (listed below) mainly use data which originates from Banner. Some Banner forms can be used to run queries and these results reflect all transactions that have been processed to date.

  • Website: Banner Administrative Forms
  • Recommended forms:
    • FZIGITD : Inception to date budget, expenditure and encumbrance amounts for all costs, including subawards/subcontracts, tuition remission and facilities and administrative costs (F&A).
    • FRIPSTG: All accounts for which a faculty member is PI or a Co-PI.
    • FRIORGH : All accounts owned by a particular org code.
    • FRIASTG: All accounts for awards from a particular sponsor.

Mobius View (formerly View Direct)

Mobius View (formerly View Direct) provides standard static month-end reports, available after each month has closed.


EDDIE reports are run on-demand and therefore reflect all transactions through the previous day. Some of the same reports available in Mobius View (formerly View Direct) are also available through EDDIE. There are also several reports designed specifically for managing sponsored awards (listed below).

  • Website: EDDIE
  • Getting access: AITS Services: Get Access
  • Recommended reports:
    • FIGR_Grants_Status_and_Billing_Summary_Report - Provides a comprehensive financial summary of a grant, including budget and expense information, general ledger balances for a specific accounting period, current accounts receivable balances and individual sponsored project billings.
    • UR_FIGR_Grant_Detail Report - Provides departmental managers with details on a particular grant including ITD information, a summary of personnel and non-personnel expenses, non-personnel transaction detail, and projections.
    • UR_FIGL_Departmental_Multifund_Management_Report - Contains a summary of the fund balance by fund and fund type, as well as fund code details for a particular Chart, three-digit organization code, fiscal year and fiscal period.
    • UR_FIGL_College_Multifund_Management_Report - Contains a summary of the fund balance by fund and fund type, as well as fund code details for a particular Chart, college code, fiscal year and fiscal period.
    • Awards-by-Sponsor_Unit - Contains both award detail and award summaries for a given time frame. Searchable by: Sponsor, Unit, PI, Co-I, or Sponsor Award ID.
    • Proposals_by_Sponsor_Unit - Contains both proposal detail and proposal summaries for a given time frame. Searchable by: Sponsor, Sponsor Type, Unit, PI, Co-I.
  • Help with EDDIE:AITS Services: Get Help
    or Contact Decision Support at

Business Objects

Business Objects is a flexible reporting tool that allows users to create custom reports or to modify reports created by others. Many different datasets are available related to HR, finance, and student data.

Last Updated: April 30, 2018

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