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Government Costing

System Government Costing - Who To Ask

Chicago Urbana-Champaign

Marshfield Building, 6th Floor, MC-078

809 South Marshfield Avenue

Chicago, IL 60612        

Fax: 312-413-0798


Z-Building, 2nd Floor

1901 S. First St - Suite C, MC-685

Champaign, IL 61820-7406        

Fax: 217-239-6820



System Government Costing - Staff

Name Title University Location Room Phone Email
Benson, Shelly Senior Director Urbana W-220 217-333-4882
Otto, Jennifer Associate Director Urbana W-219 217-244-4764
Johnson, Maureen Associate Director Chicago 627 312-996-4045
Britten, André Assistant Director Urbana W-214 217-244-1245
Moore, Chelsa Senior Coordinator Chicago 629 312-996-3378
Abdelfattah, Hend Coordinator Urbana W-215 217-244-6976
Farha, Judah Coordinator Urbana W-216 217-300-9753
Gehrt, Brittney Coordinator Urbana W-217 217-300-8563
George, Marcus Coordinator Chicago 625 312-996-4855
Kirstein, Fred Coordinator Urbana W-218 217-333-1088

Who to Ask for Questions about:

Topic Name University Phone Email
Facilities & Administrative Rates - Development, Proposal, Audit, Negotiation Benson, Shelly Urbana, Chicago, Springfield 217-333-4882
Otto, Jennifer Urbana, Springfield 217-244-4764
Johnson, Maureen Chicago

Fringe Benefit Rates - Development, Proposal, Audit, Negotiation Otto, Jennifer Urbana, Springfield

Johnson, Maureen Chicago  312-996-4045
Tuition Remission Rates - Development, Proposal, Audit, Negotiation Benson, Shelly Urbana, Chicago 217-333-4882 
Johnson, Maureen Chicago 

Service Activity Rates - Reviews, Development, Approvals Britten, André Urbana 217-244-1245
Johnson, Maureen Chicago 312-996-4045
Otto, Jennifer Springfield  217-244-4764
Higher Education Research and Development Survey(HERD) Otto, Jennifer Urbana, Springfield

CASB Disclosure Statements Benson, Shelly Urbana, Chicago  217-333-4882
Johnson, Maureen Chicago  312-996-4045


Last Updated: October 6, 2020


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