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Government Costing

Fringe Benefit Rates

Fringe benefits are the employer contributions for social security, employee insurance, workers compensation, etc. The University calculates fringe benefit rates which are then charged to sponsored project agreements so that each project (federal and non-federal) pays its fair share of these support costs. Our sponsors recognize the importance of these costs and will reimburse us for fringe benefit costs, expressed as a percentage of total salaries.

The University’s fringe benefit rates consist of multiple rate components as follows: employee health, life, and dental; graduate assistant health, dental, and vision; termination vacation and sick; workers compensation; retirement; OASDI; and Over Seas Worker’s Compensation.

The University follows federal guidelines from the Code of Federal Regulations (Uniform Guidance Title II CFR 200) on allowability and proper treatment of these of these costs. These guidelines are also referred to "Uniform Guidance".

Last Updated: May 5, 2016

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