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Gifts from Employees in Support of Their Own Programs

Occasionally, the University receives donations of funds from University employees to support their own research or other programs in their own units/departments. The University also receives donations of funds from members of University employees' families or by corporations in which an employee holds a significant or controlling interest.

The following procedures must be followed for these gifts:

  • The Employee Donor Agreement Form must be completed by the employee.

  • The University fund in which donated research funds are deposited must be under the control of the unit head, departmental business officer, or another official who is not under the supervision of the employee/donor.

  • The unit head or other responsible party must assure that expenditures of donated funds comply with relevant regulations.

  • The unit head or other responsible party and employee must develop an understanding regarding use of the donated funds and record that on the Employee Donor Agreement Form.

  • The original Donor Agreement Form must remain in a file in the unit or department and

  • a copy of the Donor Agreement Form must be sent with the gift and/or a gift transmittal sent to the University of Illinois Foundation or local Gift Processing and Stewardship Services Office.

  • Deficit spending in such funds is not permitted.

Section 11.7, Donations from Employees in Support of Their Own Programs of the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures manual should be reviewed for information on Federal Treasury Regulations and Internal Revenue Service regulations relating to this process. Units should also consult the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs Policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest Website and discuss any donations with the Conflict of Interest Officer located in the appropriate campus Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Last Updated: August 30, 2016

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