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Job Aids

If you already have access, skip to the section titled "upload Journal Voucher (JV) Feeder File."

NOTE: You will receive an email with instructions to complete the access request.

To submit files via the front-end, you will need the “Distributed Journal Voucher User” profile in Banner. This access is requested by your Unit Security Contact once you complete the Journal Voucher Processing Certification.

  1. Log in to Finance Feeder Front-End.
  2. Complete the Personal Information Section.
  3. Select JV Feeder User from the Role Requested field.
  4. Enter your System ID.
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. Close your web browser when finished.
  1. Log in to Finance Feeder Front-End.
  2. Click the Upload/JV link.
  3. Click the Browse button.
  4. Locate and select the file you want to upload from the File Upload dialog box.

    The file name must follow this format; the interface will not process files that fail to meet this naming standard:

    • "fi_gl_transactions.ssssssss.yyyymmddhhmmss.ext" (note the two underscore characters)
    • ssssssss is the OBFS assigned System ID
    • yyyymmdd is the submission date
    • hhmmsss is the submission time (24 hour military time with seconds)
    • .ext is the file type (.txt, .csv and .xls/.xlsx accepted)
    • Entire file name must be unique and in lower case letters
    • All periods (.) are required

    NOTE: If using an Excel or comma-delimited (.csv) file, populate the Enter Transaction Date, Banner Doc Code (optional), and FOATEXT fields in the Additional File Parameters section.

  5. Click the Upload File to Banner button.

    NOTE: You will get a message under the JV Upload heading indicating whether or not the file successfully uploaded to Banner. If the file uploaded correctly, you will get an email with an attachment that includes any transactions that failed to upload. In addition, you can click the Status/JV link to view the status of the uploaded file.
  1. Log in to Finance Feeder Front-End.
  2. Click the Status/JV link. You will see all files you have uploaded in the past 90 days.
  3. Status progression
    • 1st. Upload of file content to Finance Feed begun
    • 2nd. Upload of file content to Finance Feed complete
    • 3rd. Began sending records to Banner
    • 4th. Finished sending records to Banner
    • 5th. File processing complete. X transactions successfully uploaded. X transactions with errors.

Fix a Journal Voucher (JV) Feeder File that has Errors

  1. Log in to Finance Feeder Front-End.
  2. Click the Status/JV link. You will see all files you have uploaded in the past 90 days.
  3. Locate the file(s) with the errors.

          NOTE: A magnifying glass icon appears in the Error Details column next to file(s) containing errors.
  4. Click the Magnifying glass icon.
  5. Click the file name to open the attachment. The attachment has three tabs:
    1. "Transaction Set Error Results
      1. This will list any errors that are caused by something within the entire transaction set.
    2. "Detail Error Results"
      1. This will list any errors that are caused by something with a specific line of the transaction set (i.e., FOAPAL segment error).
      2. Scroll to the right of the file and look for the error message(s) ERRORMSG.
    3. "For Resubmission"
      1. Make the corrections that are designated by the error message.
      2. Right-click on the tab, select Move or Copy, an then under "To book" chools "(new book)".
      3. Name and save the file using the following naming conventions:
        • "fi_gl_transactions.ssssssss.yyyymmddhhmmss.ext" (note the two underscore characters)
        • ssssssss is the OBFS assigned System ID
        • yyyymmdd is the submission date
        • hhmmsss is the submission time (24 hour military time with seconds)
        • .ext is the file type (.txt, .csv and .xls/.xlsx accepted)
      4. Upload the file by following the steps under the Upload Journal Voucher (JV) Feeder File job aid.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to change my file to match your template?

Yes. To continue to process your transactions using mass upload capabilities, your file format will need to match our template.

How do I name my file?

Refer to the JV Feeder Template User Guide for the file naming conventions.

How do I get access to the feeder submission process?

Click the login button on the Finance Feeder Front-End Resource homepage and enter your ID and password. if you don't have access to the application, you'll be prompted to complete a Request Authorization form. You'll be notified once you're given access.

How fast will my transactions post to Banner?

FFE tranasactions start to process to Banner immediately but may be delayed several days if they contain any line items that need to be routed to an approval queue. Once the Feeder Front End application has given you a successfully submitted message and the status of the transaction is "file processing is complete" you can view your posted entries in Banner form FGIDOCR (successfully posted documents).

If your feeder document does not show in FGIDOCR, your entry is likely in an approval queue.  Please use Banner form FOAAINP to check if your entry is in an approval queue.  If your entry shows in this form, a designated approver will review your transaction and approve or deny the entry in the following days.  If your document is not showing in FGIDOCR or FOAAINP you can check your document numbers in Banner form GUAMESG for a rejection message.  A designated reviewer may have also emailed the feeder contact requesting further information. 
Feeder files cannot be submitted after 6pm due to Banner nightly processing. If you submit a file after 6pm you will be given the option to upload the file for the system to process at 7am the next day. Otherwise you can cancel processing and upload the file yourself at a later time.

When is the last day of the month to submit a feeder?

Feeder files cannot be submitted for the closing period on the final day of closing. For example, if the last day of closing is March 5, the feeder file must be submitted no later than 4 p.m. on March 4. See the Month-End Closing Schedule for specific dates.

Can I backdate a feeder?

Yes a feeder can be backdated as long as it is not the closing day and the period is still open. See the Month-End Closing Schedule for specific dates.

I submitted a file and didn't receive the email with the results, what should I do?

Check the status page of the feeder application (Status – JV). This page will tell you if the file is still processing, was successfully uploaded, or provide the details of any errors. If considerable time has passed and the status is still "Upload of file content to FinanceFeed begun," submit a Service Desk Request Form.

I submitted a file and received the email telling me the file was processed with a Banner Doc Code Number. How can I view its status in Banner?

Go to Banner page Document Retrieval Inquiry-FGIDOCR and type in your Document and select Go. If the page populates, it is posted to Banner. If you get an error that says “Document code does not exist on FGBTRNH; LIST is available”, that means it has not posted to Banner and may either be in an approval queue with a Complete status or sitting in Incomplete status.

Your Document might be routed to an approval queue such as Grants & Contracts' queue if your file contains a Grant Fund (Banner Fund code starts with a 4 or a 5). See Approval Process for Journal Vouchers Involving Grant Funds for details.

You can see the employee who disapproved or approved a document number by going to Banner page Document Approval History-FOIAPPH or Approval History-FOIAPHT and enter the Document Code and select Go.

Do I need Banner access to use the JV Finance Feeder Front-End?

Yes, those who wish to submit files via the front-end will need the “Distributed Journal Voucher User” profile in Banner. Your Unit Security Contact can set up this access once you have completed the Journal Voucher Processing Certification track.

Do I have to use the Finance Feeder Front-End to upload a feeder file, or can I still upload a feeder file using my current process?

Now is a great time to try the new application as the current process will be phased out in the future.

Note: If you upload a file using Finance Feeder Front-End, do not place the same file on xferprod for processing. This will cause duplicate entries in Banner.

Can I view a list of users that have access to submit files for our department?

Your USC or Director should send a request to Service Desk Request Form. In the request, they should provide the System IDs for which you would like the list of users.

Will the entire file fail if there is only one record that has an error?

No, the entire file will not fail. All records that are correct will process. You will receive the lines that do not process in the report of the status page and in email.

What about automated loads we currently have running for our feeder file(s)?

For those submitting JV feeder files using a fully automated process without human intervention, you do not need to change the way your system submits files. Finance Feeder Front-End will pick up the files your system deposits on xferprod every two hours from 7 am to 5 pm for processing. You can view the status of your files by logging into Finance Feeder Front-End and clicking the Status/JV link.

Which feeder type will this new process be used for?

Any Banner JV can be run through this application, just as if you entered it using the Banner Forms FGAJVCD, FGAJVCM, and FGAJVCQ.

How do I view files that have been submitted by another user in my department?

To view users that have submitted files for your department, log into the application and go to the Status page. Delete your name from the “Submitted by” field and click “Refresh Results.” This will return all transactions that have been submitted for your System ID.

How long will I be able to view files on the status page?

Files submitted within the last 90 days are viewable on the status page.

Why are the document numbers assigned to my transactions not sequential?

The system assigns the next available document number to each transaction as a file processes. Multiple files can process at the same time, so it's possible document numbers within your file might not be sequential. This is expected and won't negatively impact your transactions.

I deleted information from my file before I submitted it, and now I'm getting an error. What's going on?

To remove information from your Excel file, you'll want to right-click and delete the entire row. If you only clear out cell content by highlighting the cells and hitting delete, hidden characters can remain and cause errors.

Technical Assistance

For technical issues with the Finance Feeder Front-End application, please submit a request to Service Desk Request Form.

Last updated: August 18, 2022

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