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Job Aids

Request Access to Accounts Receivable (AR) Finance Feeder

If you already have access, skip to the section title "Upload Accounts Receivable (AR) Transactions."

NOTE: You will receive an email with instructions to complete the access request.

  1. Log in to Finance Feeder Front-End.
  2. Complete the Personal Information section.
  3. Select AR User from the Role Requested field.
  4. Enter your SystemID.
  5. Complete the Category Code section.
  6. Click the Continue button.
  7. Close your web browser when finished.

Upload Accounts Receivable (AR) Transactions

Be sure the file name is in this format; the interface will not process files that fail to meet this naming standard:

  1. Log in to Finance Feeder Front-End.
  2. Click the Upload/AR link.
  3. Click the Browse button.
  4. Locate and select the file you want to upload from the File Upload dialog box.
    • "fi_ar_feeder.ssssssss.yyyymmddhhmmss.ext" (note the two underscore characters)
    • ssssssss is the OBFS assigned System ID
    • yyyymmdd is the submission date
    • hhmmsss is the submission time (24 hour military time with seconds)
    • .ext is the file type (.csv and .xls/.xlsx accepted).
    • Entire file name must be unique and in lower case letters
    • All periods (.) are required
  5. Click the Upload File to Banner button.

Find Status of Accounts Receivable (AR) Feeder File

  1. Log in to Finance Feeder Front-End.
  2. Click the Status/AR link. You will see all files you have uploaded in the past 60 days.

Fix an Accounts Receivable (AR) Feeder File that has Errors

NOTE: You will need to remove the "Copy of" and "-ERROR" segments and add periods back into the file name since they were removed because the file had an error(s).

Example: Copy of fi_ar_feeder1 mhosp 20151210090002 xls-ERROR should be fi_ar_feeder1.mhosp.20151210090002.xls

NOTE: You have to delete the entire column and not just the content in the individual cell or the file won't process correctly.

To do this, place your mouse at the top of the column above the first row (you will see a black down arrow), then right-click and select Delete from the menu.

  1. Open your email with the Subject: "Processing Results."
  2. Save the email's attached [error] file to your desktop or a folder.
  3. Open the attachment.
  4. Scroll to the right of the file and look for the error message(s) ERRORMSG
  5. Make the corrections that are designated by the error message
  6. Delete the columns titled "FILEINENUMBER" and "ERRORMSG."
  7. Save the file with a new name and then upload the file by following the steps under the Upload Accounts Receivable (AR) Feeder File job aid.


Banner AR Billing Schedule

  • To ensure the completion of the file before nightly Banner processes start, all feeder files must be submitted before 5 p.m.
  • The Feeder application will not process files between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • The Feeder process will be shut down the morning of the first business day of each month to complete SAR and GAR billings.
  • Users will be notified of the shutdown when logging in; on those days, the Feeder should be available by 1 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to change my file to match your template?

Yes. With immediate results and a user-friendly template, you'll find the template is worthwhile to use.

How do I name my file?

Refer to the AR Feeder Template User Guide for the file naming conventions.

How do I get access to the feeder submission process?

Click the login button on the Finance Feeder Front-End Resource homepage and enter your ID and password. If you don't have access to the application, you'll be prompted to complete a Request Authorization form. You'll be notified once you're given access.

How fast will my transactions appear in Banner?

Once your file finishes processing, the information will show immediately in Banner. The size of your file will determine the processing time. Smaller files will process faster than larger files. Feeder files cannot be submitted after 5pm due to Banner processing. If you submit a file after 5pm you will be given the option to upload the file for the system to process at 8am the next day. Otherwise you can cancel processing and upload the file yourself at a later time. Files need to be processed by 5pm on the last business day of the month in order to make it into the next month's billing.

Do I have to use the Finance Feeder Front-End to upload a feeder file, or can I still upload a feeder file using my current process?

No, you don't have to use the Finance Feeder Front-End. However, this new application eliminates errors and increases your efficiency. It's easy to use, saves you time, and will be helpful to your department.

Note: If you upload a file using the Finance Feeder Front-End, do not place that same file on xferprod for processing. This will cause duplicate entries in Banner.

How do I obtain a list of feeder submitters?

USC or Director sends request to In the request provide the System IDs for which you would like the list of users.

Will the entire file fail if there is only one record that has an error?

No the entire file will not fail. All records that are correct will process. You will receive the lines that do not process in the report of the status page and in email.

What about automated loads we currently have running for our feeder file(s)?

Currently the new application will benefit those units that manually upload their files.

Which feeder type will this new process be used for?

For the initial go-live the process applies to AR only (SAR and GAR). GL will be in future.

Can I view a list of users that have access to submit files for our department?

Yes. As a Super User, you'll be able to view all the people who submitted files that are tied to your Banner Finance Feeder Front-End system identification (ID).

Super Users

Who is a Super User?

They're able to upload more information. They have an additional three fields in their template. However, this role is typically only needed for those who process payments. If you believe you should have Super User access, see FAQ, "How do I request an additional user be designated as a Super User?" below.

Do I have to enter information in all the fields designated as Super User?

Refer to the AR Feeder Template User Guide to determine which fields are required and which are optional. 

How do I request an additional user be designated as a Super User?

All AR Super User roles are determined by University Bursar. Email for additional information on adding an AR Super User.

Technical Assistance

For technical issues with the Finance Feeder Front-End application, please submit a request to Service Desk Request Form.

Last updated: October 25, 2022

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