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Contract Services Office - UIS

UIS Contract Types

The UIS Contract Services Office handles the following agreement/contract types:

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Affiliation Agreements typically do not involve any transfer of funds, but there is a perceived benefit to engaging in the agreements for each party. Common examples are Clinical or Educational Affiliation Agreements by which the University of Illinois may send one or more students to another clinic or school in order to receive training, practicum, or instruction in a specialization or facility that is not available to them in our community; and Student Teaching Agreements by which University of Illinois students are placed in local and/or regional elementary and secondary schools as student teachers.

Addendum to Contract

An Addendum is a document, attached to the other party's contract, recording any changes and exceptions required by the University prior to the full execution of a contract.

Amendment to Contract

A document that verifies in writing the changes to contract terms, dollar amount, scope of services, etc. of a fully executed contract. Typically used for renewals.


An agreement between parties to keep certain information confidential (also referred to as a non-disclosure agreement). Can be one-way or mutual.

Facility Use Agreement

Facilities Use or space rental agreements are for short-term use of space, usually for a specific event. If the University is renting its own space, the renter (Client) must sign our agreement.


An agreement under which an outside commercial entity provides goods, services, and/or a financial contribution in return for approved recognition of the sponsor in various campus media.

Zero Dollar (No Fund) Agreements

Could be any type of agreement that involves no transfer of funds between the two parties. The determination of how to process a no funds, or zero dollar, agreement depends on what type of agreement it is (for example, is the University providing or receiving goods or services at no charge; is the University using or allowing someone else to use property or space; etc.).

Revenue Generating Agreements

Are used when the University is being paid for providing goods or services. Where to Start: Standard templates for revenue-generating activities are available on the OBFS Forms page and in the Illinois Contract System (iCS). For assistance in drafting or reviewing a revenue generating agreement, contact the UIS Contract Services Office

Last Updated: June 14, 2016

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