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Contract Services Office - UIS

Contract Approval/Routing Form (CARF)

If you have a question that is not addressed in this document, or require additional assistance with the CARF, please contact the Contract Services Office.

Step-by-step instructions for routing contacts on the UIS Contract Approval/Routing Form (CARF)

  1. Download the CARF from the OBFS Forms page. There are different CARFs for each campus, so be sure to select the link for the UIS campus form.
  2. Complete Sections 1 through 3 including all information for:
    • Section 1 - Contract
      1. Category
      2. Contract Type
      3. Contract Sub-type
      4. Brief Description
      5. Chart, Org, & Amount
      6. Start/End Date
      7. Number of renewals
      8. Health Care related
      9. Document Source
    • Section 2 - Contracting Party
      1. Name, Contact Name, Phone, Email & Address
    • Section 3 - Unit Information
      1. Name, Contact Name, Phone, Email & Address
  3. Print the completed CARF and obtain the necessary unit/college signatures
    1. Unit Head (requred)*
    2. Dean/Director (if contract value is $25,000 or more)
    3. VP/Chancellor/Vice Chancellor (if contract value is $50,000 or more)
  4. Scan the completed and signed CARF and the contract into a single PDF file and email to

*Unit head approval may NOT be delegated. However, the signature of the next higher level administrator negates the need for approval(s) at a lower level.

For assistance processing more complex contract types, contact the Contract Services Office.

Last Updated: December 9, 2019

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