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Contract Services Office

Contract Services Offices

The Contract Services Office (serving customers across the University of Illinois System) is a unit within the Office of Business Services at the University of Illinois System, responsible for processing contracts related to the business and administrative affairs of the University of Illinois System. CSO drafts, reviews, negotiates, and executes contracts on behalf of the University of Illinois System. 


CSO reviews, processes, and executes a variety of contract types where the university/system is providing a good or service to an outside party, including but not  limited to:

  • Educational Affiliation or Student Placement Agreements, for example:
    • Academic-Credit-Granting Externships
    • Reciprocal Student Exchange Agreements
    • Study Abroad Agreements
  • Facility Use Agreements (renting out university spaces to outside parties)
  • Healthcare Agreements
  • Intergovernmental Agreements (university providing goods or services to other government agencies)
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Revenue Generating Services Agreements, for example:
    • Consulting Services
    • Laboratory Services
    • Training Sessions


The links and information provided in this site are designed to assist you in: (1) defining the different Contract Types and identifying the responsible processing offices at the university; (2) routing contracts to CSO; (3) understanding the CSO Contract Review process; (4) answering Frequently Asked Questions; and (5) knowing Who to Ask for assistance. 


If you have a question that is not answered here, or if you require additional assistance with a contract issue, please contact us at:

 University of Illinois at Chicago
 University of Illinois at Springfield
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign         
 University of Illinois System Office


If you have access to the Illinois Contract System (iCS), you can find information specific to iCS contract processes on the iCS Resource Page

The information in this site is specific to contracts processed by the Contract Services Office. 

Last Updated: August 07, 2020

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