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University Contract Records Office

State Filing Process

The University of Illinois System is required to file certain contracts with the State within a designated period of time after execution. The University Contract Records Office (UCRO) performs this task on behalf of the U of I System, reviewing every contract, and filing with the appropriate offices in accordance with the State Finance Act (30 ILCS 105), Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500), and Business and Finance Policies and Procedures.

Types of Contracts Filed

UCRO files payable contracts at or above $20,000 and all amendments to payable contracts with cumulative values at or above $20,000 with the Illinois Office of the Comptroller. UCRO files Real Estate leases and licenses with the Illinois Secretary of State.


Filing occurs once a week to ensure that contracts are sent to the appropriate office in a timely fashion and in compliance with the relevant statutes.

Last Updated: November 12, 2020

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