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OBFS Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a certification program?

A certification program is a systematic process used to determine the work behaviors and curriculum for a defined position and to provide the corresponding assessment tool, along with the mechanisms for tracking compliance, candidate verification, recertification, and security of data.

How does certification differ from a certificate?

Certification is a formal process whereas a certificate is proof of attending a class.

Who is the target audience for the OBFS Certification Program?

The OBFS Certification Program is for University of Illinois unit support staff and business managers who perform business transactions or operations.

What is the difference between application and nomination?

Employees who are interested in a self-paced certification track must first have approval by their supervisor and then submit an application. Those interested in attending a cohort certification track must be nominated by their supervisor.

Do employees need to be nominated to attend a cohort? If so, who provides that nomination?

Yes, employees must be nominated to a cohort certification track and their supervisor submits the nomination.

What is the process to follow for an employee who has been nominated but does not want to participate at this time?

If an employee has been nominated to attend a cohort certification track but does not want to attend, they must have that discussion with their supervisor. If the supervisor agrees to stop the nomination process, the nominator must contact the OBFS Certification Program team to stop the nomination.

Last updated: November 20, 2017

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