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OBFS Certification Program

Who is Eligible for Certification?

The OBFS Certification Program is designed for business administrators, business managers, and support staff. Prospective participants must oversee, perform, or support business and financial operations for the University of Illinois System and obtain their supervisor’s approval to be eligible for participation. Each track requires separate approval.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for participation includes:

  • Staff who perform the processes being certified; may vary depending on certification track.
  • OBFS staff who support the processes being certified.
  • Certain certification tracks may have additional criteria.

Certification Requirements

To become certified, an employee must:

  • Perform business transactions or operations.
  • Obtain their supervisor's approval. See the Get Started page for more information, as processes differ for cohorts (face-to-face) and self-paced (web-based) tracks.
  • Complete all courses for certification track.
  • Pass the assessment with a minimum of 80%.

Some certification tracks may have additional requirements.

Selection Criteria

Diverse cohorts are key to the overall learning experience and will bring a wide range of viewpoints and ideas to the program, which will result in a richer experience for the participant.


Last updated: June 12, 2018

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