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OBFS Certification Program

About Business Administrators Certification Program

The BACP has moved to a new platform. Follow the link to access the new BACP training.

Who is Eligible for Certification?

The Business Administrators Certification Program (BACP) is designed for business administrators, business managers, and support staff. Prospective participants must oversee, perform, or support business and financial operations for the University of Illinois System.

Participation in cohort (face-to-face) based tracks requires applicants to be nominated and obtain their supervisor’s approval.

Self-paced (web-based) tracks do not require nomination nor application forms. They may be completed by eligible employees when it is most convenient.

Why Get Certified?

Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the System’s organization, processes, and fiscal administrative requirements. The program overall establishes a more consistent and standardized fiscal approach, leading to more effective and efficient administration of University of Illinois System colleges, units, and departments.

Certification tracks are comprised of a varying number of courses and are modeled either as a cohort (in-person) or self-paced (online). A cohort emphasizes collaboration, and self-paced tracks are arranged at your convenience.

Certification Requirements

To become certified, an employee must:

  • Perform business transactions or operations
  • Complete all courses within a certification track
  • Pass the assessment (passing scores vary by track)

Some certification tracks may have additional requirements.

Click here for more information about tracks.


• Mike Bass, Senior Associate Vice President and Deputy Comptroller
• Janet Ford, Assistant Controller University Accounting and Financial Reporting, Interim Director of UIS Business Services
• Gloria Keeley, Assistant Vice President for Business Solutions and Support, Interim Associate Vice President UIC and Procurement Services
• Ginger Velazquez, Executive Director and Interim Assistant Vice President UIUC

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a certification program?

A certification program is a systematic process used to determine the work behaviors and curriculum for a defined position and to provide the corresponding assessment tool, along with the mechanisms for tracking compliance, candidate verification, recertification, and security of data.

How does certification differ from a certificate?

Certification is a formal process whereas a certificate is proof of attending a class.

Who is the target audience for the Business Administrators Certification Program?

The Business Administrators Certification Program is for University of Illinois System unit support staff and business managers who perform business transactions or operations.

What is the difference between application and nomination?

Employees who are interested in a self-paced certification track must first have approval by their supervisor and then submit an application. Those interested in attending a cohort certification track must be nominated by their supervisor or by a colleague, with prior approval from their supervisor. 

Do employees need to be nominated to attend a cohort? If so, who provides that nomination?

Yes, their supervisor or a colleague, with prior approval from their supervisor, submits the nomination.

What is the process to follow for an employee who has been nominated but does not want to participate at this time?

If an employee has been nominated to attend a cohort certification track but does not want to attend, they must have that discussion with their supervisor. If the supervisor agrees to stop the nomination process, the nominator must contact the Business Administrators Certification Program team to stop the nomination.

When can I expect to receive a certificate after completing a track?

It can take anywhere from four to six weeks to receive your certificate.

Is there a seat capacity for each track?

Enrollment for self-paced tracks is unlimited while enrollment in cohorts depends on the specific track. Please refer to the specific tracks found on the Certification Tracks page.


For questions, please contact the Business Administrators Certification Program Team.

Last updated: January 30, 2023

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