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OBFS Certification Program

What is the OBFS Certification Program?

The OBFS Certification Program is a professional development initiative available to those who oversee, perform, and support business and financial operations for the University of Illinois System. Designed for business administrators, business managers, and support staff, the program provides broad, advanced knowledge for managing business processes and understanding policies, procedures, and resources.  The program is comprised of a series of courses that foster proficiency in performing business transactions and operations, saving time and money.

Certification Tracks

Select a track below to learn more and to get started.

Business Administrator Certification Program

Department Card Manager Certification Course

Inviting and Onboarding Foreign Nationals

Journal Voucher Processing Certification Course

Purchasing Card (P-Card) Certification Course

Service Activity Basics

Travel Card (T-Card) Certification Course

Last updated: August 5, 2019

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