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OBFS Certification Program

What is the OBFS Certification Program?

OBFS wants to certify users as being proficient in specific business and financial operations.  The OBFS Certification Program is a series of training courses and assessments that will give participants the knowledge and skills to perform these operations.  The OBFS Certification Program will be offered in several different areas, such as:

  • Inviting and Onboarding Foreign Nationals
  • Making Payments to Students
  • Managing Accounts across Fund Types
  • Service Activities Basic

These areas are known as certification tracks.  At the end of a certification track, participants will be certified for those specific business operations.

Why Get Certified?

The OBFS Certification Program is for university-wide unit support staff and business managers who perform business transactions.  If you perform business transactions, the OBFS Certification Program can help you do your job more quickly, easily, and efficiently.  As a certified financial user, you can improve the accuracy of your transactions.  You can get results more quickly, saving time and money.  In addition, the OBFS Certification Program encourages compliance, with a goal of reducing audit findings. 

Last updated: September 11, 2017

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