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Card Services

T-Card Roles and Responsibilities

The TEM Software

The University uses web-based Travel and Expense Management (TEM) software to manage all T-Card transactions.  All units using the T-Card to make purchases must designate specific employee(s) to function in the following roles:

  • Department Card Manager (DCM)
  • Cardholder
  • Travel Arranger

Department Head

  • Provides budgetary and compliance oversight for the department's T-Card program and follows sound business practices
  • Identifies department employees who will be issued a T-Card
  • Assigns T-Card roles within the department
  • Reviews and reconciles monthly financial reports and statements

Department Card Manager (DCM)


  • Supervises, administers and monitors the T-Card program for assigned business unit(s), under the direction of the Department Head
  • Sets dollar limits for Cardholders, based upon review of actual purchasing needs and responsibilities as follows:
    • Dollar limit per transaction (maximum $4,999)
    • Dollar limit in a monthly cycle (maximum $25,000)
  • Verifies and ensures all T-Card transactions are reconciled/processed in TEM to post to Banner in a timely manner, including transactions for employees who leave the University or change home unit
  • Also serves as the department's P-Card DCM


  • Requests new cards as needed
  • Requests changes to existing Cardholder profiles through UPAY Card Services and ensures that:
    • Every Travel Card Authorization/Agreement and Application form is completed and signed by the applicant and the Department Head
    • Applicants successfully complete the T-Card training and certification quiz
  • Retains original applications within the department and sends copies electronically to UPAY Card Services
  • Collects T-Cards and follows related procedures for termination of T-Card privileges for employees who:
    • Leave their department or University
    • No longer need a T-Card
    • Have engaged in non-compliant use of the T-card
  • Ensures that all pending transactions for terminated employees are processed
  • Notifies UPAY Card Services of employee departures or organizational changes
  • Ensures that Cardholders and Travel Arrangers perform their duties accurately and on time
  • Verifies signatures and approval authority level(s) on the T-Card Authorization/Agreement and Application form, and the T-card Exception Request form, before they are submitted to UPAY Card Services for processing.



  • Purchases qualified University travel-related expenses and business meals
  • Performs all required functions in the TEM system


  • Makes qualified University related travel and business meal purchases in compliance with all rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines that govern the University
  • Makes travel related purchases at the lowest available rate
  • Makes all car rental arrangements with University contracted providers listed on the OBFS website (Car Rental) where available
  • Obtains an original detailed receipt for each purchase, which includes the vendor's name, date, dollar amount and an itemized description of the purchase
  • Documents all T-Card purchases in TEM within 25 calendar days
  • Scans the receipts for all T-Card transactions into TEM
  • Scans all documents related to a T-Card purchase, (e.g., exception approvals obtained for restricted or prohibited purchases) into TEM
  • Ensures credit transactions are applied to the same T-Card account used for the original purchase
  • Ensures all original receipts and related documents are retained in alignment with departmental policies or for one-plus-current year, which-ever is greater.
  • Maintains a valid US Postal Service (USPS) mailing address, University phone number and email address
  • Refrains from loaning or sharing the T-card, even with employees in the same department
  • Notifies the Bank, the DCM and UPAY Card Services if the T-Card is lost or stolen, to eliminate liability for any charges incurred as a result of the loss or theft
  • Ensures purchases comply with any funding restrictions applicable to the accounting C-FOAPAL, including restrictions outlined for grants and contracts funds and gift and endowment income funds (OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 8.1.1 Business Meals, Refreshments, and Alcohol; 15 Travel)
  • Understands and complies with the lists of prohibited and restricted purchases
  • Abstain from "stringing," or making successive purchases to circumvent the T-Card single transaction limit, or to avoid the competive bid requirement. T-Card will be revoked and account canceled after first incidence of "stringing" is determined.

Travel Arranger


  • The Department Head designates a T-Card Cardholder as a Travel Arranger to reserve or purchase travel for University guests and department travelers
  • Performs all required functions in the TEM system


  • Performs all of the responsibilities of the Cardholder role while making travel arrangements or purchases for guests or employees who have or do not have a T-Card

Last Updated: March 17, 2021

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