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Handling Rejected P-Card Transactions

Occasionally, a P-Card transaction does not post to the Banner General Ledger because it fails the FOAPAL validation process or other Banner edits. P-Card transactions primarily fail these edits due to:

  • An incorrect FY as defined by the fund code (For example, fund code for state funds should end in the 2-digits of the year, i.e. funds ending in 13 are for FY13).
  • A FOAPAL string that failed the cross-FOAPAL check (invalid combination of FOAPAL segments).
  • A line item has a Unit Price with more than two digits after the decimal point.
  • A line item has multiple FOAPALs, where only one line of segment strings has an Activity Code.

OBFS implemented an automated process to return rejected P-Card transactions to the Approver function. This process captures any P-Card transaction that has not posted to Banner and automatically changes the transaction status to "unreconciled." The Approver has 3 days to correct a transaction or it will auto-approve and be rejected again. If there is not an Approver assigned to the P-Card, the Reconciler should check the Approver menu in the P-Card software for the transaction.

What to Do and When

If a transaction has not posted to the Banner General Ledger of the unit, the Cardholder, Reconciler, Approver, or the Department Card Manager (DCM) can look up the status of the transaction in the P-Card software. If the status of the transaction is not "Sent to Costing System," then the reconciliation and or approval process is incomplete. The Reconciler and/or Approver must check the queues for the transaction, verify data, and process accordingly. UPAY Card Services can assist with this process if needed.

Last Updated: May 2, 2017

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