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Card Services

P-Card Software

The P-Card Web Solution (P-Card Software) system is used by all assigned role holders in the P-Card Program.  Depending on the role assigned, this system can be used to:

  • View and/or process transactions: unreconciled, reconciled, disputed and/or rejected
  • View Cardholder spending history
  • View CFOAP assigned for transaction
  • Check funds available in billing cycle
  • Set up and remove delegation
  • Perform delegation session


Department Card Managers (DCM) are able to perform the aforementioned functions for all assigned Cardholders and the following tasks using the P-Card software:

  • Generate new card applications
  • Edit Cardholder profile
  • Request card modifications
  • Request to cancel a card
  • View a list of Cardholders
  • Perform delegation session


Last Updated: May 25, 2017

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