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Generic Vendors

The interface between Banner and the P-Card Web Solution® software was designed to load vendors without a corresponding Banner vendor record as "Generic P-Card Vendor." This affected the departments' ability to account for their P-Card expenditures properly because of the time intensive process of finding the true vendor name in the P-Card software.

A process was implemented to reduce this impact. This process updates only Banner General Ledger data. Accounts Payable online inquiries (FOIDOCH or FAIVNDH) and reports continue to identify these vendors as "Generic P-Card Vendor."

Banner General Ledger P-Card transactions (identified by a document reference number beginning with "PC") have the description "Generic P-Card Vendor" replaced with "GPCV:xxx" where "xxx" is the MasterCard merchant (vendor) name. The "GPCV" stands for "Generic P-Card Vendor" and will identify those records that have been updated by this process. To view these corrected vendor names online in Banner, use the FGITRND form. This same data correction is visible in EDDIE reports.

Although the number of vendors loaded into Banner Accounts Payable will continue to decrease as these vendors are identified, one-time vendors will be identified as "generic vendors."

Last Updated: May 30, 2014

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