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Business Development Services - UIC

Business Development Services Who to Ask

Chicago Campus

6th Floor-Marshfield Building
809 South Marshfield - Mail Code 078
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 312-996-3830
Fax: 312-996-6005

Name Phone Email
Gloria Keeley,
Interim Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance
Patricia Menguito, Associate Director 312-413-9483
Ed Seighman, Assistant Director 312-996-0825
Rosetta Houston, Business Administrative Associate 312-413-1090
Sueton Holyfield, Clerk 312-996-3830


Who to Ask for Questions about


Contract Status | Contract Number


Fair Market Value Analysis Tool (for Clinical Services Contracts)


How to Complete and Submit a CARF


Revenue Generating Idea | Revenue Generating Information Worksheet (RGIW)


Template Development


Who to Ask: Types of Questions

Contract Status Rosetta Houston 312-413-1090

Contract Number Rosetta Houston 312-413-1090

Fair Market Value Analysis Tool Patricia Menguito

Revenue Generating Idea Patricia Menguito

Revenue Generating Information Worksheet (RGIW) Patricia Menguito 312-413-9483
Ed Seighman 312-996-0825
Rosetta Houston 312-413-1090

How to Complete & Submit a CARF Rosetta Houston 312-413-1090
Ed Seighman 312-996-0825
Patricia Menguito 312-413-9483

Template Development

Patricia Menguito


Last Updated: February 14, 2017

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