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Contract Types

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The Office of Business Development Services handles the following agreement/contract types:


An agreement describing the relationship between the University and another agency or institution describing how the two organizations are formally working together to further each entity's missions or goals.  It also is an instrument that allows the University to conduct the business of education with various institutions in the community for a variety of services.  Examples would include teaching and supervision of residents, program direction, and medical direction. Our Affiliation Agreements also allow for the University to receive funds for other services that may be provided.

Addendum to Contract

An Addendum is a document, attached to the other party's contract, recording any changes and exceptions required by the University prior to the full execution of a contract.

Amendment to Contract

A document that verifies in writing the changes to contract terms, dollar amount, scope of services, etc. of a fully executed contract. Typically used for renewals. 

Business Operations

An agreement with an outside business entity for the management of University's business operations, or for conducting business activities that leads to revenue-generating opportunities for the University.


An agreement between parties to keep certain information confidential (also referred to as a non-disclosure agreement). Can be one-way or mutual.

Credit Educational Course

An agreement whereby a University college offers external parties credit courses (undergraduate and graduate) that may be applied toward a degree.

Data/Research Services

An agreement whereby a University college/faculty staff gather and analyze information for an external party - use of data, data programming, transcription services, etc.

Education Outreach

An agreement under which the University provides specific educational activities to youngsters at a local entity (typically a local school district). 

Facility and Equipment Use Agreement

An agreement with an outside entity under which the outside entity is permitted to use unique facilities and equipment of the University on a fee-for-service basis. There is typically no exchange of intellectual property and the test results generated from the use of unique University facilities are exclusively owned by the outside entity.

Healthcare Administration

An agreement whereby a University health services college oversees another healthcare facility's operations.  Medical directorship is a typical example.

Healthcare Clinical/Patient Care

An agreement whereby the University provides clinical services or patient care services such as surgery, OB/GYN, psychiatry, radiation oncology, annual flu shots, on-call services at another healthcare facility.

Healthcare Consulting

An agreement whereby University faculty staff provides expertise for non-patient services - provide information, assess and recommend policies and procedures, etc. 

Laboratory Services

An agreement whereby University receives samples/specimen from an external party to test, analyze, and report its findings/conclusions using existing University-owned equipment and processes.  There is typically no exchange of intellectual property and analysis is limited to publicly available methods such as statistical analysis.

Managed Care

Contracts between healthcare provider networks and the University whereby the healthcare provider network or University offers or directly administers one or more health benefit products or plans to the enrollees of such products or plans for the other.

Non-Credit Education Course

An agreement whereby University faculty or staff provides classes, conducts training programs, workshops or seminars but carries no academic credit towards a degree, diploma, certificate, or other formal award.

Pavilion Rentals

A facility-use agreement whereby an external entity has access to use University facilities (Pavilion/Forum/Campus) for non-university activities such as high school commencements, trade shows, entertainment, athletic competition, seminars, etc.


An agreement under which an outside commercial entity provides goods, services, and/or a financial contribution in return for approved recognition of the sponsor in various campus media.

Student Placements

Similar to affiliation agreements except that student placement agreements are more specific in placing university student(s) at a non-university facility for student practicum learning in their respective degree program (UIC externs); or when UIC accepts another institution's student(s) for their practicum learning experiences at UIC (interns). 

Last Updated: June 14, 2016

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