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Financial Query Resources

The following Web Intelligence queries are available to units seeking additional resources for managing their financials. In order to run the queries, you must have access to the data warehouse and Web Intelligence. Information on access, training, and other resources for Web Intelligence can be found on the Decision Support website at:

Feel free to download the queries and alter to suit your specific needs. If you have any additional questions, please contact Matt Wolfersberger.

NOTE: To properly download the queries, you need to right click the query below, choose Save Target As... (in Internet Explorer) or Save Link As... (in Firefox), rename the extension of the file to .wid and save the file on your computer.

Query Name Purpose
Budget Memo Log View budget transactions (both sides of entry) (Web Intelligence file)
Self-Supporting/Gift Cash & Fund Balances View cash & fund balances for Gift & Self-supporting funds (Web Intelligence file)
State & Institutional BBA View State & Institutional Accounted Budget & BBA (Web Intelligence file)
Expenditures by Account Type View aggregated expenditures by account type (Web Intelligence file)
Banner Transaction Detail View banner transactions (Web Intelligence file)
New Cash & Fund Balance View cash & fund balances. Includes program code associated with Gift funds (Web Intelligence file)

Last Updated: February 19, 2018

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