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Budget Reform Resources

Urbana Campus

Background Information

Background budget reform information is contained on the Provost's Office Web page under the heading Budgetary Policies. The site contains a number of documents prepared at various stages of the budget reform development process. Once complete, the current budget planning guidelines will also be available on this site.

Basic Data

The basic data used for budget reform allocations and analysis is contained on the Division of Management Information site (DMI). The DMI site has term-by-term data for tuition income, annual data for IUs, and details on the overhead assessments.

To access this data, simply click on the appropriate file and an Excel spreadsheet will be opened on your computer. When selecting from the DMI site, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) will automatically save the file to your local Windows temporary directory (c:\windows\temp) or you can save this information using the "Save As" File menu command and enter a path/directory of your choosing. All of the IU and tuition data is also contained in consolidated files on this page under Budget Reform Spreadsheets.

Budget Reform Spreadsheets

Click Budget Reform Spreadsheets to see spreadsheets from FY 98 to FY 19 and Summer Tuition Income information.

Last Updated: June 26, 2018

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