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Budget Memo Log

The Budget Office has created a Business Objects 5i query to help you track your college or departmental budget transfers. The query searches for all JV batches containing budget transfers to your unit. On the report, your unit's entries will be highlighted and the offsetting entries will generally be next to that transfer.

Note: the report may show several transfers to other units if they were entered in the same batch as your unit's entries. This was the only way to find the offsetting entry.

The query is located in the Decision Support Query Clearinghouse. You will need to enter your Bluestem id and password to get to the Clearinghouse. To run the query, you must also have Business Objects access.

The query is located here: Standard Report Directory.


After logging into the Decision Support Query Clearinghouse, click on the report title. It will open Business Objects.

Then click on the Refresh Dataicon. You will be prompted to update the following fields: 

  • COA

  • College code

  • Department code

  • Fiscal year

  • Starting and ending budget periods

The query can be run for a particular department or a college.

Note: If you run the report for a department, you must enter an asterisk (%) in the college field and if you run the report for a college only, you must enter an asterisk (%) in the department field. The report will not work if you populate both the college and department fields. Once all the prompts are updated, click on the "OK" icon and the query will take approximately five minutes to run.


The Budget Office will continue to improve the functionality of this report. If you have any comments, suggestions, or technical difficulties, please contact Matt Wolfersberger at 217-333-7376 or

Last Updated: February 27, 2012

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