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Tips for Budget Development Users

Budget data will be available soon for preliminary FY22 planning scenarios. Final budget guidelines and completion dates will be announced in a separate communication from the Provost's Office.

Requirements for Every Budget Query

Chart of Accounts, Budget ID, and Phase ID are required for every Budget Development query; they are fundamental data selection values. Find your university in the following list and use its corresponding Chart, Budget ID and Phase ID values in your query criteria.

University Chart Budget ID Budget Phase
UIUC 1 FY22-1 FY22-1
UIC 2 FY22-2 FY22-2
UIS 4 FY22-4 FY22-4
SA 9 FY22-9 FY22-9

Once you enter these criteria values, they will default for your remaining queries.

Use State Fund Code 100021 for FY22 Budgets

For fiscal year 2022, use state fund code 100021. This value will be incremented automatically to 100022 for all line items before they are rolled to the operating ledger.

Use Permanent Duration code and WHOLE dollar amounts

The 'Quick Course' for Budget Development

You may want to print and review these job aids for reference; they cover the most important forms you'll be using:

Next, follow these steps: 

  1. Query for Line Item Detail to view (and/or download) a report of all line items that you are responsible for entering and/or approving.

  2. For each fund and organization listed on the Line Item Detail report, create (query for) a Budget Worksheet and post change amounts as needed.

  3. When all entries are posted and correct to your satisfaction, query for Line Item Detail as you did in step 1. Keep a record of your posted budget. Either print the screen for each page of the report or Download Selected Ledger Columns. The download creates a comma-separated values (.csv) file that you can save as an Excel file.

Training & Resources

The UI-Integrate Learning Center site offers complete training and reference resources:

  • Web-based training - Click on FNBD102.

  • The Budget Development Summary (BDS) is an optional job aid used to create detail and summary level reports from Budget Development query data. Clicking on the job aid will either open, or give you the option to save, the file. If you choose to save the file, verify that the filename is "BudgetDevelopmentSummaryMacro." Naming the file anything else will cause the macro to abort.

  • Budget Development Summary Macro (MS Excel Spreadsheet [updated: 06/26/18]

  • Budget Development Summary Macro (MS Excel macro-enabled spreadsheet -.xlsm) [updated: 06/26/18]
    NOTE: If you are using IE, you need to right click on the file and choose 'Save Target As...' and name the file 'BudgetDevelopmentSummaryMacro.xlsm' otherwise it will not open properly.

If You Need Help

If you're stuck and need telephone help, or have questions on budget policies, contact your campus' Budget Office:

Chicago Springfield Urbana-Champaign System Administration

Mark McClellan 312-413-5370

Alex Davidson 312-996-5867

Lubing Zhang 312-355-0948

217-206-6077 217-333-3224 217-265-0250

Last Updated: June 8, 2021

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