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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

8.4.4 Close a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects

Policy Statement

Before you begin the procedure, it is the custodian’s and business manager’s responsibility to become familiar with additional policies related to this topic.


To close a human subject advance:

If there is CASH OR CHECKS to be returned

  1. Return the cash or check to your campus University Bursar with the completed Return of Money Received form. For additional information, consult 10.3.1 Deposit Cash and Checks with University Bursar. Keep the deposit receipt to submit in Chrome River. Do not send cash or checks directly to University Payables (UPAY).
  1. Log in to Chrome River. In the Create New area, select the Expense Report icon. Consult the job aid for System Navigation if you need help identifying the icon.
  2. Human subject advances should be closed using the purpose “Employee Misc. Expense Reimbursement.” Proceed through the screens. For step-by-step instructions, including how to submit documentation that details how the cash was spent, consult "To Clear the Advance" in the job aid Open and Close a Human Subject Program Advance.
  3. UPAY reviews the expense report to ensure the funds were spent in accordance with University policy.
If there is NO CASH to be returned
    Follow steps 3 and 4 above.



8.4.1 Cash Advances for Human Subject Payments
8.4.2 Reconciliation of a Program Advance
8.4.3 Replenish a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects
8.4.5 Partial Close of a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects
8.4.6 Request Checks Made Payable to Human Subjects

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