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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

8.6.8 Pay Professional Movers for Employee Moving Expenses

Policy Statement

The maximum allowable moving expense is $7,500, which includes travel, moving, and temporary living expenses, but does not include professional books, articles, and equipment (scientific, music, etc). These are weighed and billed separately.

The Purchasing Division may consult with or advise new employees; however, it may not issue University of Illinois System purchase orders for moving the personal goods of employees, except at Springfield.


To pay professional movers for employee moving expenses:

Submit an expense report through the Travel and Expense Management system (TEM).
Submit a requisition to the Purchasing Division which will issue a purchase order directly to the moving company.
Give the Purchasing Division the name of the employee being moved, the C-FOAPAL to be charged, and the amount the unit will pay. Purchasing will issue a letter of authorization to the moving company. The movers will send the bill to Purchasing and the unit. The unit submits an expense report through the Travel and Expense Management system (TEM). Attach the mover's bill to the form.

1.3.3 What Approving or Signing a Document Means


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