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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

4.1.1 Serve as a Unit Payroll Contact

Policy Statement

Units must designate a contact to serve as liaison between Payroll Service Centers and the employees of their unit. The payroll contact ensures communications from University Payroll and Benefits (UPB) are distributed in a timely manner and works with the employee and Payroll to resolve payroll questions. Each unit must have a contingency plan in case the contact is ill or on vacation.


To serve as a unit Payroll contact, you (or your designee/proxy) are responsible for completing the following procedures:

4.1.3 Set up Payroll Function in Banner and ANA
4.1.5 Handle Unclaimed Payroll Checks
4.3.1 Adjust an Employee's Pay (Underpayments)
4.3.3 Process Employee Recognition Awards
4.2.1 Submit Employee Work Time
4.3.4 Correct Payroll Overpayments

Appointment Changes

When an appointment changes, the employing unit must complete an HR Front End transaction reflecting the change. If you do not submit the HRFE transaction promptly, an incorrect amount may be paid to the employee. If you have submitted an HR Front End transaction for a pending change in an employee's status, but it has not yet been processed, process the appropriate transaction as outlined in Overpayments or Payroll Deductions.

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4.3.1 Adjust an Employee's Pay (Underpayments)

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