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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Avoiding Payroll Problems

Report Appointment Changes

When an appointment changes, the employing unit must complete an HR Front End transaction reflecting the change. If you do not submit the HRFE transaction promptly, an incorrect amount may be paid to the employee. If you have submitted an HRFE transaction for a pending change in an employee's status, but it has not yet been processed, process the appropriate transaction as outlined in Overpayments or 4.3.1 Adjust an Employee's Pay (Underpayments).

Update Payroll Approver Changes

If your unit Payroll Approver leaves or no longer fulfills the Approver role, the Superuser must set up a new Approver or your unit's timesheets will not move through the routing queue.

Approve Time by Scheduled Deadlines 

If time is not submitted by the deadline, the employee's pay may be jeopardized. Consult the Payroll Schedules.

Review Labor Distribution Reports in Mobius View

Check the Labor Distribution Reports after payroll is calculated but before each payday to be sure the information is correct. These reports detail the amount each person in the unit will be paid. If there are discrepancies, contact University Payroll.

4.3.1 Adjust an Employee's Pay (Underpayments)

Payroll Schedules

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