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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Reconcile General Ledger (GL) and Operating Ledger (OL) Balances

Before You Begin

Units with self-supporting activities must regularly reconcile operating ledger details to fund balances.

Ensure that you have access to EDDIE and/or Mobius View (formerly View Direct) before beginning this procedure.


To reconcile general ledger and operating ledger balances:

  1. After the accounting period has closed at the end of a month, access your fund's Asset/Liability Detail Statement and Revenue/Expense Detail Statement in EDDIE or Mobius View (formerly View Direct). 
  2. Identify the beginning and ending fund balances in the general ledger, and the fund's fiscal year-to-date revenue and expense balances in the operating ledger(s), as of the month just ended. Make note of the following account totals in preparation for Step 3:
  • Total revenues
  • Total personnel and total non-personnel expenses
  • Total encumbrances
  1. Verify that:

The month's beginning fund balance
The net operating ledger activity for the month (revenue).
= The month's ending fund balance

  1. Compare the following data from the fund's general ledger (CM Ending Bal) and operating ledger (Year to Date) statements:
  • GL "Revenue Control" and OL "Total Revenues"
  • GL "Expense Control" and OL "Total Personnel plus Total Non-Personnel Expenses"
  • Sum of GL "Encumbrance Control" and "Commitment Control" to OL "Total Encumbrances"
  1. If the balances do not match operating ledger and general ledger totals, follow the steps in Identify and Correct Rogue (Misclassified) C-FOAPAL Transactions.

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