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Identify and Correct Rogue (Misclassified) C-FOAPAL Transactions

Before You Begin

Identifying rogue C-FOAPALs is helpful if you first follow the steps in Reconcile General Ledger (GL) and Operating Ledger (OL) Balances because unmatched general ledger and operating ledger balances are often due to misclassified C-FOAPALs.

Misclassified C-FOAPALs (commonly referred to as "rogue" C-FOAPALs) occur when a transaction C-FOAPAL string combines Chart, Fund, Organization, and Program code segments not intended to be used together.


To identify and correct rogue (misclassified) C-FOAPAL transactions:

  1. Consult Request Access to University Business Financial Information if you do not have the assigned role in EDDIE and/or Banner that allows you to perform the steps of this procedure.
  2. Consult the Misclassified FOAPAL Report in EDDIE to find the misclassified segment combination associated with your self-supporting fund transactions. If you are unsure how to find them, consult the Steps to Run the Misclassified FOAPAL Report job aid.
  3. Consult the Rogue FOAPAL Report on the OBFS web site, and identify any instances where your self-supporting fund is listed. This report lists inconsistencies in the segments linked in a particular C-FOAPAL string. It provides balances, not specific transactions.
Identify the specific transactions that caused the discrepancy by querying Banner form FGIBDST or viewing the Revenue/Expense/Transfer Detail Statement for the C-FOAPAL string in question.
  1. If the misclassification was generated by your unit, post a journal voucher to reverse the misclassification and post the correct entry. 
  2. If the misclassification was generated by a different unit, you can obtain information about the transaction in several ways:
  • To see the name of the originator from the other unit, view the FOATEXT field in the Misclassified FOAPAL Report.
  • To see the name of the other unit's financial manager, view the Banner forms FZMORGN or FZMPROG by going to the Options menu and selecting Personnel Information.
  • To identify the person who completed and approved the original transaction, view Banner form FOIAPPH.
  1. Once identified, contact the originator or financial manager in the originating unit to confirm that it was posted in error, and work with them to post corrections.

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