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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

15.3.3 Report an Accident Involving a Personal Vehicle while on University Business

Policy Statement

The University of Illinois System is subject to and complies with the Illinois Administrative Code (Section 5040.520), which mandates that the system must report all accidents involving employees to the Division of Central Management Services (CMS). An "accident" is defined as "harm to state-owned property and/or harm to another party's person or property."

If you do not report the accident promptly the state of Illinois may refuse to defend you in a lawsuit or to pay a judgment on your behalf. Consult How Your Personal Insurance Becomes Involved in a Claim.


To report an accident involving a personal vehicle while on system business:

  1. Report the accident to local law enforcement while still at the scene.
  2. Report the accident to your personal auto insurance carrier and follow their instructions.
  3. Complete and submit the Illinois Motorist Report to the address on the form.
  4. Within 3 days submit a copy of your completed Illinois Motorist Report to Claims Management (Urbana, Springfield) or the Transportation Office (Chicago). For information on how to complete the form correctly, consult the Example of a Completed Illinois Motorist Report.
  5. If the accident occurred outside Illinois, complete and submit the equivalent form required by that state within 3 days following the accident. Submit a copy of that form to Claims Management (Urbana, Springfield), or the Transportation Office (Chicago).
  6. If the accident resulted in real or alleged bodily injury and/or damage to property, Claims Management (Urbana and Springfield) submits your Illinois Motorist Report (or the out-of-state form) to CMS Auto Liability Division within the required 7 calendar days. In Chicago, the Transportation Office reports the accident directly to CMS.

Insurance Coverage

The State of Illinois Self-Insured Motor Vehicle Liability Plan only provides liability coverage after your personal auto insurance has been exhausted. Consult How Your Personal Insurance Becomes Involved in a Claim. The State Plan does not provide collision coverage for your personal vehicle and the University does not reimburse personal insurance deductibles. Contact your tax advisor to determine if any insurance deductible can be deducted on your personal tax return.

Insurance Coverage for Passengers

System drivers or passengers are covered by Workers' Compensation benefits if injured while on system business. Non-employee passengers are not covered by the State of Illinois Self-Insured Motor Vehicle Liability Plan. On a case-by case basis, the system may choose to aid an individual with medical costs, should circumstances warrant. Under no circumstance will the system pay more than $10,000 in medical payments on behalf of an individual in the aforementioned situation.

Forms Used in this Procedure

Illinois Motorist Report
Example of a Completed Illinois Motorist Report

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Last Updated: January 22, 2013 | Approved: Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance | Effective: September 2012

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