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Banner Alerts & Resources

Banner Alerts & Resources

This page is for users of Banner Finance/Payroll and other OBFS systems. It includes system notices, calendar of events, a list of reports available to help you do your job, links to other system status pages, and system user resources consolidated on the right side of this page under Log In, Finance Toolkit, Payroll Toolkit, Web Sites and News & Announcements.

IF YOU ARE NEW to business systems and need to request access to Banner or other business systems, Mobius View or to the Decision Support Data Warehouse (to create custom reports, queries, or data downloads), contact your Unit Security Contact (USC). Also, visit the Orientation for New Business and Finance Employees site. This website will give you a sense of the complexity of the fiscal operations at the University of Illinois System, the various roles and responsibilities of departmental business and finance office employees, and the resources and support offered by the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS).

Banner Message Page GUAMESG

Banner page GUAMESG is used to view messages generated from the Banner.  Various
Banner approval queues generate error messages that are sent to submitting users when
journal vouchers are rejected from the queues.  More information is available on this job aid: Banner Message Page - GUAMESG 

System Notices

If you wish to receive monthly notices when OBFS completes the review of the month-end standard reports, go to the OBFS News Service sign up page, check the "Finance" box, enter your email as requested and click the Subscribe button.



  • Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, Location and Index hierarchies and codes are available in Mobius View and updated nightly.

  • Finance Month-End Standard Reports (See Month-End Status notice above)

  • Payroll Reports are available in Mobius View under: HRPAY00103 PAYROLL EXPENSE BY PERSON - MONTH END (all pay periods available after the finance month-end closing) and HRPAY00104 PAYROLL EXPENSE BY PERSON - PAY PERIOD (Bi-Weekly and Monthly periods available three days prior to each period pay date).

  • Receipts Required Report [updated daily] - Helps you identify purchase order transactions requiring submission of receiving reports to complete payment to vendor.

  • Invoice Approval Queue Report [updated daily] - Helps you identify invoice transactions requiring department approval to complete payment to vendor.

  • FABweb Aging Report [updated daily] - Helps identify both the aging status and details of equipment purchases not yet completed and requiring submission of unit and item specific information through FABweb.

Other systems information may also be found at:

  • AITS Check System Status - For information about current AITS alerts, outages, and event notices. Contact the AITS Service Desk if you experience problems with access or functionality of the UI-Integrate/Banner system.

  • Decision Support System Status - For status of the various systems that make up the reporting environment.

  • Technology Services System Status (UIUC) - Information for users of the Technology Services at UIUC, including updates about outages and problems, regularly scheduled maintenance, and service announcements.

  • ACCC UpReport (UIC) - Information for users of the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) services at UIC, including announcements about impending downtime and any emergencies.

Last Updated: April 21, 2020

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