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Accounting & Financial Reporting

Accounting & Financial Reporting Who To Ask: UAFR Administration

UAFR Staff Alphabetical Listing

University Accounting & Financial Reporting
Assistant Controller, University Administrative Accounting and Financial Reporting, Equipment and Debt Accounting Janet Ford 217-265-0250
Assistant Controller, University Accounting Services Brent Rasmus 217-244-7347
Administrative Aide Beth Woodside 217-244-3698
University Administrative Accounting & Financial Reporting
Director, University Accounting and Financial Reporting Phil McCarthy 217-244-0307
University Equipment & Debt Accounting
Director, Equipment Jeff Weaver 217-244-7978
University Accounting Services
Director, University Accounting Services John Laroe 217-333-9133
Associate Director, University Accounting Services Nick Unser 217-244-6676
Senior Assistant Director, University Accounting Services Kimloan Coventry 217-244-3206
University Accounting Consulting
Director, Accounting Consulting Ron Miner 217-265-5315
Senior Assistant Director, University Accounting and Financial Reporting Mike Godsell 217-244-6464

Last Updated: November 30, 2016

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