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Accounting & Financial Reporting

FOAPAL Maintenance

Generic Activity Codes

The Activity code segment is an optional field. It is used to track financial transactions for particular events or projects with more detail than just the Fund, Organization, Account, and Program fields alone. Using Activity code could also reduce the need of establishing new FOP strings to track activities. These specific Activity codes are open for use by any department and for any purpose. If you would like to create Activity codes specific to your department, see Banner Activity Code Request Form.

Multiple-Person Information (Financial Manager and GLDC)

Every Fund, Organization, and Program code has a Financial Manager responsible for this segment and a General Ledger Report Distribution Contact (GLDC) used for generating reports in EDDIE. Other information available on these segments include Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator.

To view this information in Banner, choose either Fund Code Maintenance FZMFUND, Organization Code Maintenance FZMORGN, or Program Code Maintenance FZMPROG. Select Filter or use F7 to enter query, then enter the Chart and segment code and select Go or use F8 (execute query). This will return the segment information. Go to Tools and select Personnel Information. The information may also be reviewed in the attached reports.

Keeping this information up to date and accurate is vital for report generation as well as determining who to contact if there are any questions.

If this information is incorrect or if additional GLDC's should be added, send an email request to to have it changed. Be sure to specify the specific piece of information requiring addition or modification.

For questions please contact  

Last Updated: May 6, 2019

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