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Distribution Contacts

The GL Report Distribution Contact (GLDC) role is assigned to individuals for report distribution purposes. This role, assigned as an attribute of the Fund or Organization segments, is a mechanism to pull reports for whomever you identify to receive the reports. This role is different from the Financial Manager role, which was envisioned to be the Business Manager for an organization. To request GLDC roles, follow instructions in item 11 of the Request to Create Banner FOAP Segments or Index Codes form and submit to

EDDIE Report Parameters

When entering report parameters, only enter those parameters where you want to specify a value, otherwise leave optional fields blank. For example, you can run your Revenue/Expense Detail Statement for all your funds and programs by specifying your organization code. In the parameter box, designate your six-digit organization code and leave the fund, program, and ORG GL report contact fields blank. The resulting report will include a Revenue/Expense Detail Statement for every FOP combination where the organization code is equal to the code you entered as a parameter.

ITD (Inception-to-Date) Distinction

The distinction between FIOL_Revenue_Expense_Detail_Statement and FIOL_Revenue_Expense_Detail_Statement_ITD is that Inception-to-date (ITD) reports display inception-to-date balances as opposed to year-to-date balances. The ITD reports are available for fund codes that are linked to a grant code; for example, grant funds, plant funds, federal agriculture funds, and those self-supporting and agency funds that are project-type activities.  These reports are available in My-UI-Financials, EDDIE, and Mobius View.  

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Last Updated: May 20, 2020

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