Accounting & Financial Reporting

University Accounting & Financial Reporting

The OBFS accounting office supports general ledger, property accounting, and financial reporting needs of campus and university administration units. This includes monitoring the integrity of property and general ledger system data, helping units address accounting transactional and operational needs, and issuing annual audited financial statements. It is comprised of three sections:

Accounting Consulting, Equipment, Information Management Services (ACEIMS) provides personalized support for unit accounting needs through help desk services, training sessions, ad-hoc report generation, and issue-specific consulting engagements. It also supports units’ efforts to administer records associated with the acquisition, usage, and disposal of equipment that are held in their custody.

Administrative Accounting & Financial Reporting supports accounting functions for investment, debt, and real property transactions, including distribution of investment income to Banner funds. It also prepares University-wide, University Hospital, and other bondholder financial reports, and it administers budgeting operations for University Administration units.

University Accounting Services (UAS) supports the accounting and business functions related to activity recorded in state, institutional, self-supporting, gift, endowment income, federal appropriation, practice plan, loan, and agency (including student organization) funds. Its primary responsibilities include Banner C-FOAPAL and attribute maintenance, data control functions, reconciliation of diverse transactions and general ledger balances, analytical reviews, and fulfillment of various internal and external reporting requirements.

For more information about UAFR Unit Structure, please see the  University Accounting & Financial Reporting Org Chart Link opens PDF file.

Last Updated: February 8, 2016