Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Section 11 - Gifts and Endowments

Section 11.1 University Gifts
Section 11.2 Distinctions Among Gifts, Grants and Contracts
Section 11.3 Campus Processing of Gifts
Section 11.4 Transfer of Gifts to Another Institution
Section 11.5 This section not used
Section 11.6 Coding of Fundraising Costs
Section 11.7 Donations from Employees in Support of Their Own Programs
Section 11.8 Return of Gift Funds to the University of Illinois Foundation
Section 11.9 Endowment Administration
Section 11.10 Expenditure of Gift Funds
Section 11.11 Establishment of Quasi-Endowments
Section 11.12 Current and Non-Endowed Term Funds Administration
Section 11.13 Sponsorship Gifts