Business Travel

Contracted Travel Agencies

As a result of the competitive bid process, the University has negotiated contracts with five travel agencies to accommodate the various needs of all campuses and provide flexibility for individual employees as well as international group travel. The contracted agencies offer competitive booking fees and may book a single group trip which exceeds the bid limit, currently $54,600.00, without an additional competitive bid or Request for Proposal (RFP). Airline tickets, hotel reservations, airport transportation, car rentals, and destination tours may be booked through a travel agency.

When doing business with one of these agencies, employees may be asked to provide their University Identification Number (UIN). This information is essential to ensure that employees receive the University’s contracted service fees. This information will also assist the University in capturing travel data to be used in future negotiations for additional discount programs.

The University encourages use of the new Travel Card (T-Card) for all qualified travel related purchases.

Full Service Travel Agencies

International Group Travel Agencies

Last Updated: March 3, 2014