Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Section 9.2 - Employee Responsibilities for University Assets

Date: September 1995
Approved: Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance


University employees are to manage University assets so they are used only for authorized purposes, in accordance with University rules, policies, and applicable law. It is a violation of this policy for any employee to receive or use a University asset for a non-university purpose or gain, except as provided within University policy, without prior written authorization from the appropriate University administrator. Violations of this policy are further clarified for academic staff members in the Interim Guidelines and Procedures on Conflict of Interest Policies.

It is the responsibility of each campus unit to implement systems of internal control to avoid mismanagement, fraud, theft, or personal use of University assets.

Supervisory Responsibility

The responsibility for implementing this policy is assigned to administrators and supervisors at all levels.

Employee Responsibility

Any employee, who has reason to believe this policy has been violated, is obligated to report the incident(s) and all relevant information to their supervisor.


Employees should discuss activities that represent the possible violation of this policy with their supervisor or the head of the unit involved. If there are still unresolved questions, these problems may be discussed with the Assistant Vice Presidents for Business and Finance, the next campus administrator in the campus organizational structure, the campus vice chancellors responsible for the unit, or the Executive Director or the Directors of the Office of University Audits. The Vice President for Administration may also be contacted directly if an extreme or sensitive problem exists.

Retaliation against an employee who files a report under this policy is prohibited.

Supervisors are to promptly take the following steps in investigating alleged violations of this policy:

  • Preserve the confidentiality of the parties involved to the maximum extent possible according to law.
  • Prepare a written report containing findings and recommendations for submission to the next supervisory level and to the Assistant Vice Presidents for Business and Finance. The supervisor is also encouraged to consult during the investigation with the Offices of Business and Financial Services, University Counsel, Campus Police, and the Office of University Audits.

Internal Control

The following are general guidelines for safeguarding assets through systems of internal control:

  • Assign responsibility and accountability for control of University assets to two or more employees (for example, responsibility for ordering, receiving, and inventorying assets should be separated so that the same employee does not have all these responsibilities).
  • Develop and distribute detailed unit operating procedures that implement and are consistent with University policy and procedures.
  • Keep individual employees aware of the controls, boundaries, procedures, and practices.
  • Regularly verify the continued maintenance of established controls and remedy violations through prompt, effective, and fair actions.


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