Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Section 1.4 – University Business & Financial Records Management

Date: June 2012
Approved by: Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance

Before You Begin

The University is subject to and complies with the Illinois State Records Act. The Act requires the University to maintain an active and continuing program for the economical and efficient retention of University records. University records cannot be destroyed or otherwise disposed of without prior approval from University Archives.

How to Identify University Records

Records – Records are official and trustworthy documents used by the University for accountability and transparency. Requirements for retaining records are mandated by federal and state laws and regulations.

Historical Documents – Some documents may be of enduring cultural or historical value to the University, and should be retained indefinitely.

Working Documents – Working documents are unofficial yet trustworthy documents used to support business activities. Examples include copies of official records retained for your convenience or preliminary planning documents.

Temporary Documents – Temporary documents are transitory and not records or working documents. Examples include drafts, reference materials, and routine correspondence.

Where to Look / Who to Ask

Contact the Records and Information Management (RIMS) team to receive proper authorization for disposal or transfer of records, in accordance with the State Records Act. The RIMS website provides additional information and resources.



The University of Illinois Archives is authorized by Article VI, Section 4 of the General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure to acquire official records, publications, and personal papers of the administrative and academic staff and records of faculty and student organizations.


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Last Updated: March 7, 2013