Springfield Campus Cash Handling

USFSCO Cashier Office Services at UIS

  • Student Account Payments Accepted (check only)
  • General Account Payments Accepted (check only)
  • Departmental Deposits Processed
  • Petty Cash and Change Fund Administration
  • Cash Handling Training and Procedural Consultation
  • Department Change Order Requests Fulfilled
  • Student Organization Deposits Processed
  • University AP Check Disbursement
  • Mail Remittance Processed


USFSCO Cashier's Office at UIS Payment/Deposit Information

Monday thru Friday
9:00am – 12:30pm
1:30pm – 4:00pm

Public Affairs Center 184 (PAC 184)
1 University Plaza
Springfield, IL  62703

Phone: 217-206-6738
Fax: 217-206-6711
Email: usfsco@uis.edu

Alice Seaton

Associate Director:
James Burgdorf

Deborah Rahn

Executive Director:
Judith N. Flink

Drop slot located at Cashier Operations PAC 184 for Departmental Deposits and Student payments after-hours

Deposit Kiosk located in the Human Resource Building (HRB) for Departmental use only*

Student Account Payments can be mailed to:

University of Illinois
Student A/R
P.O. Box 19455
Springfield IL 62794-9455

General Account Payments can be mailed to:

University of Illinois
General A/R
P.O. Box 19448
Springfield IL 62794-9448



* For information regarding the use of the Deposit Kiosk please contact James Burgdorf


Last Updated: June 21, 2012