Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Section 15 - Travel


Open a Travel Advance
Close a Travel Advance
Make Travel Arrangements
Determine Allowability of Travel Expenses

Travel Card (T-Card)

Request a T-Card
Serve as a Department Card Manager (DCM)
Comply with Unit Head T-Card Responsibilities
Reconcile T-Card Charges in TEM
Request a T-Card Exception

Report an Accident

Report an Accident Involving a University Vehicle
Report an Accident Involving a Commercial Rental Vehicle
Report an Accident Involving a Personal Vehicle while on University Business

University Motor Vehicles

Rent a University Motor Pool Vehicle
Become Eligible to Drive a University Motor Vehicle
Comply with Unit Responsibilities for Motor Vehicle Use
Determine Approved Use of Department and Motor Pool Vehicles
Determine When to Use Commercially Insured University Motor Pool Vehicles